Saturday, June 16, 2012

Puppy pickup day

Saturday, Mar 3, 2012 - 4pm.
Yay! It's finally time for Stross to be checked out of the puppy kennel and into our care for the next 12 months. There is a detailed puppy pickup-up process that ensures that the right pup goes home with the right family. There is also paperwork to sign, contracts to sign, and other legal stuff - which protects Southeastern so that nobody runs off to Canada with their puppies! LOL

So many people ask us if we get to pick out the pup that we want to raise. The answer is no, but you can specify if you'd rather have male or female (sometimes this is important if you have family pets at home). You can also indicate what bred or color that you'd rather have, but it really is up to the school to make assignments.

Did I already mention how colorful and cute the puppy kennel is? It looks more like a day care center than a puppy kennel! This is just one of many kennels that line the hallway of the building, and this happens to be Stross' kennel. See all those blue tags clipped to the kennel door?

There is a tag for each pup housed in each kennel. The tag pictured above is for Stross. These tags are clipped to the cage so the canine care technicians and volunteers can keep track of each litter. However, Southeastern microchips all their pups when they are born so that the techs can keep track of who is who. With so many pups of like breed and color in the kennel, this is a requirement!

At long last, after all contracts are signed and other requirements met, a canine care technician goes to get Stross. And here she is!

Stross greets us with a kiss and we are instantly in love!

She is such a beautiful baby girl. So much to learn and to experience.

Are you ready to move to Texas little girl?

The girl-pup twins, Wheeler (L) and Stross (R)

Both Wheeler and Stross were sponsored by The St.Petersberg Chapter of the DAR, and were named to honor 2 very special members of their organization. Wheeler and Stross are both going to be raised in the Houston, TX area. Shown with Wheeler (L) is her raiser, Lisa. And Greg is holding Stross (R). Wheeler and Stross are very similar in looks and in personality.

We get a quick photo at the kennel before taking off.

Stross accepts her first collar and leash like a pro!

A group photo of the pups that are going to be taken back to Texas to be raised by families in either Dallas or Houston. It's a lot of Texans with a lot of love to bring to each of these special pups. Six of Stross' littermates are going to be raised in Houston - Sully, Barb, Wheeler, Jonah & George. So, saddle up boys and's going to be a looong drive home!


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