Saturday, November 5, 2011

A blessed event...

St.Timothy's Episcopal church in Lake Jackson has welcomed Smokey, mom, and dad to worship with them in their beautiful sanctuary. Smokey is very lucky to be able to attend church and learn the proper behavior for worship services.  Smokey loves to go to church and behaves well...the parishioners at St.Tim's are always happy to see Smokey and in the rare event we attend without him, he is missed. Let's just say..having a dog at church is rare ..and the kids think it's pretty cool to attend church with a dog.

An annual event for St. Tim's is the Blessing of the Pet's. In honor of St.Francis of Assisi, a saint of the church, we gather to give thanks for our pets, service animals, and all God's creatures - for what they do for us and for what they mean to us. 

This event usually takes place outdoors, but this day was our first day of rain in many months. The event was moved indoors, and not only did we thank the Lord for our pets, we thanked Him for the rain!

Dogs of every size and shape came to be blessed. A cat or two as well. The rain may have kept the larger animals that usually attend from coming, but all who came received a blessing. Pictured is Liz Parker, co-rector of St.Tim's, blessing someone's beloved pet.

Smokey receives his blessing from Andy Parker, co-rector of St.Tim's. Andy was courteous to ask if he could touch Smokey to receive his blessing. Smokey wears his jacket at church because he is working. The parishioners at St.Tim's are knowledgeable and respectful of Smokey's training and the work that we are trying to do with him.

After the blessing, there was a fellowship in parish hall for both man and beast.  Pictured here is one of our friends' pet schnauzers. Although we can't distinguish who it is, Rango or Rainey, the blur leads us to believe this is Rainey -- who spins around relentlessly in circles.

As you can see, some pets came well dressed for the rain outside. This cute dachshund pup pranced away wearing a bright red raincoat. Smokey was quite impressed because HIS  jacket isn't water proof!  LOL

Thank you Andy, Liz and everyone at St. Timothy's for a blessed event, and, for welcoming the three of us to worship with you.  For more information on St.Timothy's Episcopal church in Lake Jackson, click the link shown above.

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