Saturday, November 5, 2011

Change has come...

Listen up everyone...

Let's just say that mom and I have had similar medical experiences of late. 
First mom and now they want ME to go under the knife. 

Here I am being good, just chewing on my bone..

Due to issues with some of my siblings, Southeastern told me I needed to be 
...NEUTERED (shock and awe). 

you're gonna do WHAT?

Being a little guy, I didn't know what that meant, but I soon found out.
My big day was Wed. Oct 5th.
I don't remember much about what happened. 
When I got home I was so drowsy...

And I had to take pills for 4 days afterwards
which made me very...


I don't know if it's a dream, or a nightmare...
but I  feel like something's missing.
Hey dad, did we happen to leave anything at Dr. Miller's?

When I wasn't sleeping, I felt like my old self. This was a piece of cake for me.
Mom....not so much.  She took a while longer to feel better.
But we got in some good recovery snuggles together.

Good snuggles = good medicine

Note from mom and dad: 
Southeastern normally does not neuter the pups until they are returned for training. They want to keep them "entact" in order to evaluate them for potential breeders.

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Anonymous said...

Glad everyone is on the mend!!


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