Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb 2011 Guide Dog Meeting

Our February meeting was on SuperBowl Sunday. 
We had a farewell party for Star and Bruce, who will be returned to Florida for IFT (In for Training).
Left to right: Lauren with Star, Christie with Bruce
These two pups have spent the last 12 months learning the required commands and are now ready to be handed off for final training and pairing with a visually impaired client. We wish them well! 

Here are recent photos of the 3 remaining pups in our group::
Look at how cutie pie Sunshine is growing!
This is Little Star. She is so sweet!
This is Houston. He is a beautiful boy!
And guess what?  We got the news that six new puppies are coming into our group in March.  Our "birth announcments" gave the sex, color, breed and name of the puppy that we will receive.  

In this photo, Eileen and Jenny get the news of their new pup, a black female lab named Lulu.

Last but not least, WE got the news that our puppy will also arrive on March 8th. He is a black male lab named Smoky.
We look forward to reporting his arrival!!

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