Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to support the cause

Some people have heard about the guide dog service program, and have asked us how they can help. Here is a way.

The Houston puppy raiser group is raising funds towards Southeastern Guide Dogs' biggest fundraiser of the year: the Walkathon. This year marks the walkathon's 25th anniversary, too, which makes it even more special. The Walk-a-thon is March 5th in Bradenton, FL.

The $3000 goal set by the Houston puppy raisers group is to sponsor a guide dog puppy.  All monies collected go directly to Southeastern Guide Dog organization, who rely 100% on private donations, receives no government funding, and doesn't charge their students a dime for their services.

While puppy raising is a volunteer activity, these funds do not go to the puppy raisers themselves, but are used by the Guide Dog school for breeding, housing, veterinary care, and administration of the Guide Dog school.

If you want to help the Houston Area Puppy Raisers with fundraising for Walk-A-Thon 2011, click on the link below.

Thank you for supporting Southeastern Guide Dogs!

Sit Stay Give - Houston puppy raisers fundraiser

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