Tuesday, February 8, 2011

January 2011 Outing - IMAX theatre

Once a month, the puppies and puppy raisers meet together for an "outing". This is usually in a public place to socialize the dogs and to give them various experiences out in the real world.  These outings can be to a mall, a restaurant, an airport, and even an Imax theatre!
Left to right: Michael and Meredith with Sunshine. Bob and Carol with Houston. Lauren with Big Star. Christie and Sue with Bruce. Cynthia with Little Star.
Having the puppies in public places always generates interest, especially when in our large group. We field alot of questions and get alot of encouragement from the public during these outings.
Puppy raisers usually carry literature about the guide service with them to distribute to interested parties whether it be for potential future puppy raisers or people in need of a guide dog.

Photography was not allowed during the movie, but we captured a photo or two afterwards!  At this IMAX theatre there are many sets of stairs that the puppy has to learn to navigate. Whether it be stairs going up or stairs going down, the puppy has to learn to sit at every landing. Eventually, an older pup will be taught to "Find the stairs" and Sit to alert the visually impaired client of the stairs.
After the movie, the pups are allowed to go "Busy", which means go potty! Pups are trained to "Busy" on command. Isn't that great? They must be taught to relieve themselves on different surfaces and in different locations, all on command.  Also notice that the blue jacket has been taken off. The rules are that jackets must come off before the pup can go "busy".

This is Christie with Bruce. Bruce was a GOOD boy!

Of course, all puppy raisers must pick up after our little ones. Notice Bob has the big ole poopy bag - yeah - somebody has to do it!  By the way, Bob can recommend quality dog food that results in minimal cleanup. LOL!

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