Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When somebody loves you.....

When somebody loves you, you feel it in your heart
When somebody loves you, you know it from the start
When somebody loves you, it shows in every smile
When somebody loves you, your life becomes worthwhile
Always caring, always sharing, everything you do
When somebody loves you, like I love you *

 FedEx delivery .... for moi?
 how exciting!
Wonder who it's from?
Awww! It's a birthday package from Toni and the Turner family, my sponsors from Florida. And to top it off, Toni wrote me the sweetest letter! 
and look, it's a photo of my namesake, Smokey, and his mom Toni! 
I am thrilled!!! I can't wait to meet you in March!
I wonder what Toni picked out for me?
Yumo! I see lots and lots of my favorite things... Treats!
Gosh, this is a big box of stuff!
Oh, do I see a new friend in there? 
Oh yes indeedy!
 I just love him. I'm gonna call him Herman II.
 What else is in there, dad?
Now this looks like fun!
And some refills...these will keep me busy for a long time!
You mean there's more?
 Some puppy teething keys..
Sweet! A T-shirt for dad!
from Southeastern!! He will love this!
Now this looks interesting. It's a ginormous deer antler - it's over 12" long!
Roar! Look what big teeth I have! LOL!
  And the most special gift of all... Smokey Sr's tote bag.  
I am so touched with love to receive this gift. Toni sent this just for me.
I know this bag is very special to her cuz I know how much she loved her Smokey boy. It must have been really hard for her to part with.  She said in her letter that I was to use this bag to pack up all my stuff when I move to Florida in March. I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty special. This is my favorite gift of all. I promise to take care of it, Toni, but it will be hard to keep mom's tears from drenching it as we travel to Florida.
Toni sent something for mom too!  A beautiful necklace from Southeastern! It is just perfect!
 This is the bestest birthday a boy could ever have!
Toni, how can I ever thank you?
 Now, those treats are smelling pretty good...
 Why, thanks, dad, I'd like to have a taste!
 These treats are as cute as they are tasty!
 time to check out the new toys...
chillin with my new best buddy, Herman II
 Herman goofing around...
 Me goofing around...
(I'm impersonating a mastadon.  But it's just me, silly!)
 Hey Herman, where'd you run off to?
A little while later...
full of treats and surrounded by his new toys...
Our tired but VERY loved little boy goes fast asleep.
Thank you, Toni, and ALL the Turners for my very special birthday gifts!
I love you,

* music lyrics by Barton Music Corporation

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