Saturday, February 4, 2012

Then and Now

We are in the final weeks of our year with Smokey. As volunteer puppy raisers for Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. we only get to keep him for 12 months.  We got Smokey at the age of 9 weeks on March 7, 2011. He will be returned to the guide dog school in Florida on March 3, 2012 for final training. Yes, the tears have already started at the thought of the upcoming separation! We are trying to make every minute count of the next 4 weeks with him, and we celebrate this wonderful journey we have had raising Smokey. What a gift it has been!  We will be posting more over the days and weeks to come, but here is a quick peek at some "then.... and  now" photos" of our special puppy. You can see he has grown up to be a big boy.

March 2011 - 9 weeks - 13 lbs

Feb 2012 - 13 months - 67 lbs

March 2011

Feb 2012

 March 2011

Feb 2012

Check back for more stories over the next 4 weeks as we reflect on our experiences raising Smokey.

Smokey boy, we are so proud of you and we pray that you stay healthy and learn all you need to know in final training to be a successful guide dog or a veterans assistant dog. We love you!

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