Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Growing bigger and smarter...

I have been here at my new home in Texas for 2 months now.  
I have been growing bigger every day and learning lots of new things.  
March 7 2011
See how BIG my jacket is on me in this picture?  It almost swallows me up. I weighed 13 lbs when this picture was made.
May 7, 2011
But now it's more like a mini-skirt! And I weigh in at 32 lbs now.
It's a good thing Miss Carol has a big boy jacket waiting for me the next time I see her!
I have been learning lots of new things, too. As a guide dog puppy-in-training, I have a training schedule. Mom and dad are requied to submit evaulation reports every couple of months to the guide dog school so they can keep track of my progress. 
The first thing I had to learn was my name... which you already know is.....Smokey!   Or, as mom has fondly nick named me, Smokey Bear! I have already told you my favorite things to do: eating, sleeping and playing (in that order).
But besides that, I have also been learning how to walk on a leash and how to respond when various commands are given to me. Such as: Busy, Busy Busy, Come, Sit, Stay, Down, Under, Easy, Forward, Forward Out, Forward In, Kennel, Kennel In, Kennel name a few.
Under and Down
For example, when I go to a restaurant, I must obey the Under and Down commands. I have to sit under the table and be quiet while everybody else gets to eat.  I do this so well that lots of times people don't even know I there until we get up and leave the restaurant.
I'm progressing very well with my leash manners, and am now trying to learn the proper way to meet and greet people who want to approach and pet me. First I have to sit, then I can be petted. Sometimes it's hard to stay sitting because I am really excited by all the attention. Clint and Karen came to visit me and they decided to sit in the floor with me, which helped alot.
Then Clint invited me to stand and give him some kisses... and I just couldn't resist. I love Clint!
I have had lots of exposures so far, too. Did you know that I have a long checklist of things that I have to be exposed to and evaulated on my reponse? Such as a vacuum cleaner, big loud noises, stairs, elevators, kids, babies, cars, traffic, smells, restaurants, stores, flowers and plants, etc etc etc. I have to be exposed to just about anything that might be a distraction for me.  I need to overcome all distractions before I can be a working guide dog. This picture was taken on a recent visit to the Brazos Mall.
I have finished all my puppy shots and never made a fuss over them.  It helped alot that I have such a kind and gentle vet like Dr.Miller! Thanks, Dr. Miller, for taking such good care of me!
Finally, I want to report that I'm about to loose my very first baby tooth!  See?  It split in half but Dr. Miller said it was okay - and it finally came out a few days ago!  My first new big boy tooth will emerge very soon.
Mr.Cool guy
Well, yall....that's a wrap...for now.
I'm gonna go out to find some new and different experiences...
so yall stay tuned for more cool news!
Later, Smokey

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C Rone said...

Hey COOL MAN!!! you are doing really GREAT!!! Have fun on all those exposures........Let me know if you see anything that I missed.
Guide Dog in Training also!!


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