Sunday, May 29, 2011

King of the Road

Hi again, yall!!  
I've learned something new.
RVing is totally FUN! 
I loved every minute of our recent road trip to Lake Somerville.
But first, I had to learn how to go up and down the big steps on my own.
Can somebody please give me a ride down?
Hey guys...I'm still waiting...
Thanks, dad. It's a looong way down for a little guy like me.
but, with a little coaxing..
And a little help.. I made it down on my own.
Now let's try going back up...
Just give me a moment, dad!
Look at me go!
After some practice, I learned to do it...
all by myself!
Now that I am able to get in and out of the RV by myself,
I can see that here are lots of things to do and explore... and LOTS of things to sniff.
So let's get goin!
Like the puppy in the "Pokey Little Puppy" song,
I had to stop and sniff all the flowers...
Yum! Did you know that they taste even better than they smell?
Especially when you are HUNGRY all the time... like me.
When I'm out on fun walks I can go without my jacket.
Which way to the lake?
I always wear my jacket when I'm out in public.
Here we are shopping in nearby Brenham - old town square.
 Looking good, huh?
Did you say Treat?
Am I cute or what?
Shopping always makes dad and me tired.
Luckily, I get to take long afternoon naps with dad...
And there's lots ot time to just... chill
chilling some more
chillin some more
I'm feeling like the King of the World right now!
While I'm up on the picnic table.. dad thinks it's a good time to get brushed.
Thanks, dad, that feels sooo good!
Here's some thank you kisses
Hmmm. I'm getting hungry again.
Maybe if I sit, watch and wait, something will magically appear in my food bowl...
Yummo. My favorite part of the day... mealtime!!
Every evening after dinner, we sat outside to watch the sunset over the lake.
What a view!
Mom can't resist taking my picture. See?
This is the life!!
Time to get ready for bed.
Uh...guys...Who's THAT?
At home I sleep in a crate, but there's not room for my crate in the RV.
So I get to sleep on a tie down, which keeps me from "night crusing"! 
You other pups know what I mean!...LOL
Nighty night all! 
Later, Smokey

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