Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm on the stand... so where's the band?

Since my puppy raisers live in a one story house, they are always looking for stairways for me to practice on.  I am getting better at going up and down all kinds of stairs. Watch me go!
Here we are at the gazebo/bandstand on the Brenham, TX courthouse square.
Going up the stairs is usually a bit easier than going down...
but these stairs are tricky because they are slick, shiny and slippery to walk on.
They also have an open back.
I get lots of praise when I get up to the top landing!
See? Look at me!  I made it!
Taking a rest...and looking out at the view of old town Brenham from the top of the bandstand.
But what goes up, most come down.
so........ here we go again
Just give me a moment, dad..
Maybe a few kibbles will help ease the fear
Finding that first step down is the hardest part
Just get me started, dad....
Here I go...
Oh, yeah...I can do it!
Yep, I made it!
Lots of pets and praise.... cuz I did good!
Now I can say... "Been there. Done that!"
Now, crank up the band!

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