Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meeting the family!

On March 12th I got to go to my first party.
It was my first outing to meet and greet my new family.
It was Molly's 8th birthday party.
Molly is mom and dad's grand daughter.
This is Molly and me.
Molly is great fun...and she loves me!!  We had lots of fun getting to know one another...and we shared lots of hugs and kisses too!
 I got to meet some other members of my new family, too.
This is Clint and me. He thinks I'm adorable.
 Gosh, I'm so lucky. Clint loves me too!
 I got lots of kisses and snuggles from Clint. I think Karen may have been a bit jealous!  But she thought I was pretty precious too!
 I got to meet baby Charlie too. He just turned 1 year old.
I think he likes me too, but doesn't everybody?

Mom and dad thought I was really good at the party. There were about 15 people there and I was passed around alot and got lots of attention. But I was so good. I am very laid back and nothing really bothers me.  But mom and dad said that before I go to another birthday, I have to learn the words to the Happy Birthday song so I can help sing!...

Love, Smokey

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