Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Spring Break pictures

I had lots of fun with Molly and Mackenzie over spring break!

 Kenzie and me

Molly and me
 Mom taught Kenzie and Molly how to make hair bows for their headbands. Notice they are using me as their model. No, they didn't bother to ask my permission first. Don't they know I'm NOT A GIRL?!
I'll just take a nap and maybe when I wake up, they'll be on to something else.
 Now this is what I call fun! 
Look at all my new toys!
Which one do I want to choose first?
I need to go in for a closer look...
I need an even closer look!
Molly finally had to help me choose. Thanks, Molls!
Kenzie gave me a cool bandana, the same one that she used to put on Cheyenne. I like the look, but...... maybe not PINK.  I'm a Boy after all.
All this playing makes me tired. I think I'll take another nap.
Dad finally got his turn with the camera and took a picture of mom and me with the grand daughters just as they were leaving to go home.  It sure is quiet around here without the girls. But I am finding it easy to catch up on my naps.

Thanks for spending your spring break with us, Kenzie and Molls!
I love you!

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donnaj said...

a cutie for sure! and for a good cause~


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