Saturday, March 19, 2011

My first trip to the vet

When I got to Texas my stomach was all messed up. I felt sooo bad. After waiting a couple of days for me to settle into my new home, I still felt bad, so I needed to go to the vet. 
I have a really nice vet in a brand new facility in Angleton, TX. My Vet's name is Dr.Raymond Miller and his clinic is called Veterinary Medical Center of the Gulf Coast.
 Mom had to take my picture in the foyer even though I didn't feel like having my picture taken. But don't I look cute in my new blue coat?
Do you ever wonder why they call it a waiting room?  Maybe they should call it an anticipation room cuz I'm not sure what is about to happen to me.

To begin with, I had to be weighed on baby scales!  I was scared at first but found out that it wasn't so bad. I weigh exactly 13.4 lbs!

Next I had an exam. My vet tech, Lora, was really nice to me because I wasn't feeling too good.
Now it looks like I have a record! My vet is very modern and has everything computerized and automated. They have a state of the art facility equiped with digital xray, surgical facilities, and an in-house laboratory.
After the vet tech completed my initial exam, we waited to see the doctor. I was prodded and probbed in places that are embarrassing to describe. I also had an xray to see if there were foreign objects in my belly. You see, I had a pebble in a place where it shouldn't be and the doctor found it. Maybe I should give up eating pebbles!
Now here comes the bad news. I had to have a shot to help stop my nausea. Then I had to endure these big syringes to get some oral medications that I needed for my other problems. I was just glad there weren't any big needles to go with these big syringes!  But as you can see in my photo, I wasn't too scared.

Here I am with my vet, Dr.Miller, and his vet tech Lora. I know that because of their help today, I will feel much better soon. And, I have learned that I do not have to be afraid to go back.
Oh, and did I mention that this doctor gives treats to good puppy patients like me?  Yum!

Follow Dr.Miller on facebook and check out his website Veterinary Medical Center of the Gulf Coast.

Thanks Dr. Miller for making me feel better! 
Your new friend, Smokey.

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