Saturday, March 26, 2011

My very first public appearance in my service jacket

My first public appearance wearing my service jacket was to the US Post office.
I usually don't wear my jacket in the car.
Dad put it on me when we got to the post office.
I'm ready to go in now!
I wonder if these people have kibbles?
Once again, I am being trained to sit at every door.. going in... and going out.
It takes alot of time and people at the post office that afternoon were very nice to give me the right of way.
Once inside, I waited in line with all the other customers.
Molly gave me lots of pets while we were waitng for our turn at the service counter.  The other customers seemed curious about me but didn't ask any questions this time.

Many people have been told not to bother service dogs when they are in jacket because they are working. That will be true as I get a litle bit older, but right now it's okay for pets and attention because I'm still a puppy. Mom and dad want me to have a positive experience wherever I go.
After a short visit, we were all done.
That was quick and fun. Where will we be going next?
Mom took our picture outside. Can you find me in this picture? 
Our next stop was the very busy King Dollar Store in Angleton.
Lots of people stopped to greet me and asked questions about me.
I think I'm going to like this town!!


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