Saturday, February 25, 2012

Who's your Caddie, Daddy ?

One of my fav-o-rite things to do is to go golfing with dad.  I have to get up early cuz dad likes to be the first one on the course. That is okay with me, because that means BREAKFAST comes earlier than usual. Dad loads up my jacket, my bone, my water bowl, and my tie down...and of course some treats and off we go to have some fun. Just us boys.

Did you say EAT?

Dad uses a tie down (the chain attached to the steering column) so I will stay in the cart while dad hits the ball.  But, I am such a good boy, I wouldn't run off anyway, at least not too far from the treats.

Wheeeeeeeee!  Here we go. I love to ride in the cart. My ears flop in the breeze and my nose is in overdrive. Hey, where are all the other guys, dad?   I like to watch the birds, egrets, pelicans, butterflies and more. One time, we even saw an alligator, but we didn't get too close.

 Wish I could drive, but the course marshal says no one younger than 16 is allowed to drive. Does he mean 16 months dad? I'm 13 months!

Sometimes I think I could even be a caddy because I try to give dad advice on which club to use. Here, I am suggesting a 7 iron, but dad picked the 6. Hmmm. Guess what, he missed the green anyway! He shoulda listened to me, right people?

At the end of the round, we get to relax and unwind.  Dad takes off my jacket and lets me get a few pets from the staff. I always get lots of pets from the marshal and our regular golfing buddies. Vard, I will miss you!

Sadly, this is my last time to play golf with dad. I wonder if the trainers at Southeastern will take me out golfing when I move to Florida? I've heard they have golf carts at the campus! If not to play golf, just a ride or two, to remind me of my puppy-hood in Texas.  Please and thank you!

Later, yall!


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