Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Number One Doctor

I am getting ready to go back to Florida for final training. I need one more shot before I leave Texas. I am bummed at the thought of getting a shot, but happy to get one more chance to see my favorite vet - My Number One Doctor - Dr. Miller, owner of Veterinary Medical Center of the Gulf Coast.

Feb 2012

Mom took some photos to remember the moment, and we thought it would be fun to show you how much I've grown since I first went to see Dr.Miller in March 2011.

Feb 2012
March 2011

Below are some then and now photos taken at the front desk

Dad and me, Feb 2012

March 2011

These photos below show me waiting in the lobby with Dad

Feb 2012
March 2011
I moved from baby scales to big boy scales, as you can see in the photos below.

Feb 2012... 67.6 lbs
March 2011.....14 lbs

Aww, what a little baby I was! 
I remember being scared to sit on those baby scales.

Below, I'm waiting and watching....and trying to sit still. 
Hard to do sometimes, with all the distractions in a vet waiting room!

Feb 2012
March 2011

 Man, am I brave.
Getting a shot is no big deal, well, that's because I'm a big boy now.
It wasn't so easy when I was a baby.

Feb 2012...big boy shot
March boy

Below are photos taken with Dr. Miller.
I'm too big to hold now, huh, Doc?

Feb, me, and Dr. Miller
March 2011... me, Dr.Miller, and Vet Tech

I will report that this time I went to see Dr. Miller

 yep, uh huh, sitting up there on that bench. 
I got to see the office pet, a cccccat. 

But the LAST time I visited Dr. Miller, I got a TREAT.
Hmmm... Cats are O.K., but if you ask me,
I'd rather have gotten the treat!

Hey, Mr. Cat, did you perhaps get my treat?

Thanks, Dr. Miller for taking good care of me during my puppy training year in Texas. I know that mom and dad's new puppy-to-train, Stross, will love you just as much as I do.

Be sure to visit Dr. Miller on Facebook (Veterinary Medical Center of the Gulf Coast) or visit his website at


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