Monday, February 13, 2012

Angels are among us

We just have to share this story. Yesterday we went to eat dinner at a restaurant in Pearland. As we walked through the dining room, we approached a table where 2 couples were sharing dinner together.  As we passed by their table, they commented on Smokey and asked about the service he would ultimately fulfill.  We chatted with them for a moment, answering the usual questions that most people have when they see the unexpected -  a dog in a restaurant. Most people are supportive, gracious and genuinely interested when they see Smokey and realize that he is in training for a special service.  After a few moments of dialog, we found a table and sat down to wait for our meal to arrive.

A few short minutes later, the 2 couples got up to leave the restaurant. On his way out, one of the gentlemen came up to our table and he asked, "Are you two volunteers?" and we told him, yes, we are. He then said, "Do you accept donations?", and before we could even respond he handed us a $50 bill and said, "Maybe you can find a good use for this". I think our mouths hit the floor at that point. We were almost speechless (if you can believe that!). 

We quickly collected our thoughts and thanked him for his generous gift. We explained that his gift was coming at the perfect time. March is Walkathon, Southeastern Guide Dog's biggest fundraiser of the year.  Southeastern is supported 100% by private donations and volunteers, no taxes dollars or government funding are accepted, and the guide dogs are provided free of charge to their companions in need. This gentleman insisted on remaining anonymous, but he told us he was visiting from out of state and wanted to help out with Southeastern's mission to help others in need. Wow! How great is that! Angels are among us, and this gentleman is one of them.

We gave this kind gentleman one of our blog cards, and we are hoping he will see this post and realize how much his gift of love touched our hearts. We appreciate his generosity and we are putting his money towards the Houston Puppy Raiser's "Sit Stay Give" pledge drive.  The Houston Puppy Raiser team is trying to generate enough funds to sponsor a puppy 1) to be named by us and 2) to be raised by one of us in the Houston area.

For more information about Southeastern Guide Dogs, go to, or you can find them on Facebook.

Thank you for your support!

Love, Smokey

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