Saturday, February 25, 2012

Last Chance Playtime

Just like Biggest Loser's Last Chance Workout, and Top Chef's Last Chance Kitchen, Smokey is getting his Last Chance Playtime before he makes the long trip back to Florida for IFT. Here's a gallery of recent snapshots. Enjoy!

Fun at the ball park
 burnin off some energy
 how bout running the bases with me, dad?
 Yessss.. that feels good dad!
 Hi mom!
 Life is goooooood.
 Puppy crazies...
 The sand and gravel is fun to run in
 Ease up buddy!
 Hey mom, where are the treats?

Easily entertained...
Smokey likes to watch these things flying around outside our back door at night...
They are attracted by the light. Greg calls them Gallinippers. 
Some people call them Mosquito Hawks, but they don't bite.
what do you mean they don't bite?

Staying warm on a cold winter's day
 Have snuggle wrap..will travel
 This blankie stayed on for several hours
 Snug as a bug.. or a Gallinipper.

Frolicking with dad
 Sometimes watching Golf can get a little boring... and dad falls asleep
 it's my job to wake him up to play!

My home away from home...
 the car!  It means I'm going somewhere fun and I love to GO!

Goofin around on Valentines Day:
 Won't you Be Mine?

I love my toys...
 I sleep with them..
 I play with them...I chew them...
 Hey mom, come play with me!
 Smokey frequently plops his toys up in the chair with me to summon me to play. Or, maybe in this case, he's just hinting around for a gnawhide ring refill for his Busy Buddy Bone? 


Carol Rone said...

What GREAT memories!! Be a GREAT guide Smokey!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Smokey do they serve Hi Ho's at the Cracker Barrel?


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