Friday, April 8, 2011

You gotta go where the people are

Posted by Greg
After Spring Break was over and Molly and Kenzie went back home, the house was so quiet.  Smokey was really missing all of the activity and fun they bring to the house.  He has to get used to being around people.  Melissa and I are really not all that exciting.  Where can he be around people of all ages? It just so happens that there was a girls softball tournament at the park a couple of miles from the house.  We took Smokey to check it out.  As usual, he was the center of attention for young and old.

I am getting to be a big guy, but my shadow is 
REALLY big.  I try to play with my image in a mirror, but I am pretty used to my shadow.  After all, it has been following me around my whole life.
When I am out and about with people, Dad puts my jacket on me.   It goes over my head.  If I make it to be a real guide dog, they will put the harness over my head every day.  The jacket simmulates that activity.  I usually like to bite the collar as he puts it on.  Sometimes it is a little bit of a struggle, but I am learning that it's going to happen with or without the struggle.  I also am learning that when the jacket goes on I get to see and do fun things, so I give in a little sooner each time.

I am still a vacuum cleaner on four legs.  Rocks, pieces of asphalt, bugs, pecans.... if it's in my line of sight, it goes in the mouth.

There is a lot of action at one of these softball outings.
I didn't realize how noisy little girls can be.  Do you know they have actual "cheer routines" while in the dugout ?  What is it with little girls ?

I like making new friends where ever I go.  This little guy had a twin brother.  They kept trying to confuse me by coming back one at a time.  I never caught their names.  They may have been identical twins, but I could tell the difference.  They smelled different to me.

Speaking of smells, there was a small vending area at the tournament.  Dad said somebody was cooking hot dogs.  I didn't think it was a good idea to serve dogs to little kids.  Didn't sound like a good idea, but it sure smelled good.  My nose was working overtime.

There were some little bitty girls playing that day too.  It was so cute, they had white lines marked on the field where they wanted them to stand.  One little girl had to be coaxed out on the field by her dad.  She went, but wasn't too happy about it.  Maybe her Dad should try kibbles like my Dad.

On the way back to the car Mom wanted to take some pictures by some signs.  We live pretty close to this park, so we will use these signs to gauge how quickly I grow by taking pictures there every month or so.  This sign is about Stephen F. Austin.  He was a big shot when they formed the state of Texas.  He had a settlement not very far from here.

Another sign talked about the indian tribe that used to inhabit this area. 

There is a lot for a little guy to see and learn.  I like seeing and doing new things.  If somebody says "let's go in the car", I am ready.  Even though I still have to get a boost to get in and out.

Later, Smokey

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C Rone said...

Smokey is sooooooooo lucky to have such caring raisers!!
You are doing realllllllly GREAT!!!


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