Sunday, April 17, 2011

Angleton Market Days

Angleton hosted it's first Market days on March 26-27 at the Brazoria County fairgrounds. The weather was perfect for an outing, so we had to check it out.
 It's good to live in a small town because I can go to these kind of events without feeling overwhelmed with throngs of people who might step on a little guy like me. We asked permission for me to attend, and I was eagerly welcomed.
 I barely got inside the gate before people were pointing and staring at me, saying, "look at that cute little puppy in his blue jacket". Everybody wanted to pet me and ask questions about my training and my future. The ladies in the booth thought I was precious. Well, everybody did!
 Some of the booths were in the indoor exhibit hall. I was very well behaved.
 People want to pet me wherever I go. I love meeting new people and each one smells different.
 Where did mom go? I thought she got lost in the crowd, but she was just shopping. There were alot of booths with jewelry and purses and makeup - all the stuff mom likes. Dad is getting restless so we'd better head outside.

This little boy talked to us for a long time. He had alot of questions about me, and he also told us all about HIS dogs. This booth - hand cut and painted yard art - was his grandmother's booth.
 Now this is interesting. Have you ever seen a blue easter bunny? Do you think he has any kibbles in his basket?  I'm going to check it out...
Happy Easter, Ya'll.
Love, Smokey

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