Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mom's special day

Posted by Greg.
Mom had a birthday on March 30th. I can't tell her age cuz that's a secret, but it was a very special day.
Mom got lots of birthday greetings from friends and family.  The mail man puts them in the box, but Dad and I have to bring them to the house.  I still think I am sooo big when I carry the mail.
 I don't know who sent this card, but it is kind of heavy for me.  I think they may have even paid extra postage for this one.
 Look at all the cards.  Boy this is a special day.  Usually, I only get to bring in the bills.
 My gift for Mom on her birthday was this special stick.  You can wave it around, say some magic words, but the only thing that happens is I get cuter.
 Another surprise on this special day was a visit from Mom's Mom.  We call her GG Mom for short.  That all started when Kenzie was born,
 because GG Mom is easier to say than Great Grandma.
Here is a picture of me with two good looking gals. This picture makes it look like Mom is choking me, but I have a habit of turning my head as the camera beeps.  Maybe I am trying to save my retna.
As a finale for the special day, we got together with the extended family for dinner in a resturant in Pearland.  Two are missing from this photo (I am under the table, and Michael is away on business).  In the photo above from (l to r) is Dad, Mom, Clint, Karen, Kenzie, Molly and Mary. 

Mom, I hope you had a good day.  I know I sure did.

Love, Smokey

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GGMom said...

Gee, isn't my grand dog precious! Wish he lived closer so I could spoil him like a good grandma should! Great pics and narratives! Love, GGMom


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