Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cut and color, anyone?

I got to go with mom to her favorite hair salon, Angie's Design and Color Salon, in West Columbia. The stylists who work there LOVE dogs and when mom asked them if I could come along for her appointment, they said ABSOLUTELY!!
Here I get to meet Ann Jordan, mom's hair stylist. She is really nice and she has a chocolate lab at home, so she thought I was super precious.
 While this was a fun trip, it is worthwhile for training too.  One day I might get matched with a visually impaired person that will go to a beauty salon or a barber shop, so, I need to know what goes on in these places. There are lots of activities (and smells) in beauty salons - plus a lot of talking too! But ...what happens in a beauty salon....stays in a beauty salon! 
 More love and pets from Ann...I like this place!
 I sat under mom's chair when she was under the dryer. The constant hummm made me very sleepy. So...I took a nap. Does that surprise anyone?
I was really good through this appointment, so I know I will be welcomed back.  If anyone needs a stylist, I highly recommend Ann or Angie at Angie's Design and Color Salon in West Columbia. They do great work, and they are dog friendly. And you know what? Angie rescues dogs that are lost or abandoned and she also finds good homes for them. That is awesome in my book!

Until next time,
Love, Smokey

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