Saturday, June 4, 2011

Batter Up!

Tonight, we took Smokey out to romp on the baseball field.
We love the park. now let's play ball.
Hey, where is everybody?
Who said if you build it, they will come?
 Cuz I'm still waitin.
 Who's on first?
 Do I have to play catcher too?
 Come on dad, play with me. You run for the base and I'll try to catch you.
 Tag! You're O-U-T!
 Now it's my time to run the bases...
Uh oh  - it looks like I'm O-U-T!
 Trying to steal
 Running for first
 Consulting with the fair and impartial Ump. A fine man indeed.
 Hey now, somebody lost their flip flops. I'll get 'em.
 This is fun!
 I love to dig in the sand
 Hey, who are you callin a brown nose?
 Time out in the dug out
 Cuz I'm gettin tired
 Yep, I'm pooped.
Time to go now!

Till next time!

1 comment:

cnagle1 said...

Love the baseball picts!! Don't these pups have a lot of energy?? We need to get together for a puppy playdate soon!! Smokey will be a good example for my pups!!


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