Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pictures from Smokey

Carol reports that Smokey is doing well - and enjoying his time with Gunner and Magic (and we know he is enjoying Carol and Bob, too!).   Here are some pictures they sent us today. Thanks yall!
Gunner and Smokey
Man! It looks like Smokey has grown a BUNCH this week at puppy camp!

Gunner and Smokey
Carol reports that Smokey has loved running as fast as he can with Gunner in their backyard. 
Even tho he tries, Smokey can't run as fast as Gunner just yet. Keep at it, Smokey boy!

Seems Smokey is taking a rest after one of their long play sessions.

Carol reports that Smokey has learned to appreciate regular and timely treats!
And that he has good manners while waiting for them! LOL 
Magic and Smokey
 It looks like Smokey has made himself quite at home, and he's found a snuggle buddy too.
Gosh, he looks as big as Magic in this picture!

I think Smokey looks quite content in Bob's lap!
And sharing their house full of dogs!

Thanks Carol and Bob for hosting Smokey this week....
See yall tomorrow!

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