Thursday, June 9, 2011

Puppy camp - Fun in the Sun with Hannah

We're heading out to the beach with Hannah ...
This raised boardwalk ramp is no problem for Hannah to navigate..
Wow - what a view!
The sand is nice, but let's go play in the water..
 so...can we go in yet?
 Splashing around
 Oooo..this feels so good!
Getting in deep...
I'm lovin it!
Come on, let's go for a run
 ...easy girl...
How about a walk instead?
Good girl!
Which way now?
A tired and wet little girl..I think it's time to go...
Do we really have to go?
All showered and bathed...the only "grit" remaining is on TV...
True Grit that is..
And Hannah loves the shoot out scenes
All tired out now....
for both of these two!!
Nighty Night yall

1 comment:

carol rone said...

Wow !!! Hannah got to go to the beach!! She loves to play in water!!


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