Sunday, June 5, 2011

Off to puppy camp

Sunday, June 5th starts Smokey's first day of Puppy Camp, which is a pre-planned "vacation" for the guide dog puppies.  Puppy raisers typically have the first puppy camp at 6 months old. Puppy camp can range from 2-4 consecutive weeks.  A puppy camp is basically having a different raiser temporarily provide care for the puppy you are raising.

One of the main purposes of puppy camp is to see how each puppy reacts to a set of different situations. Puppy camp is a very important part of the pup's socialization. The pups must learn that sit means sit no matter who says it, that trash cans and couches are off-limits everywhere, and that the world will not end if their favorite person suddenly disappears. Puppy camp is also a great time to expose the dog to a completely different environment: kids vs. no kids, pets vs. no pets, going to work vs. staying home, chaos vs. serenity. This structured enviroment allows the puppy to experience difrerent handling styles, voice commands, and home environments. The potential for a variety of different exposures is needed to achive a well rounded puppy. Paper work is required for puppy camp, and evaulation forms are completed at the completion of puppy camp to document the puppy's experience during the visit.

Greg and I will be hosting puppy camp for Hannah this week in our home. Hannah is a 5 month old female yellow lab. Hannah's puppy raisers are Carol and Bob Rone. And our little Smokey will be staying with Carol and Bob this week, at their home in Houston.

Here are some photos of our day today. Please enjoy and check back for more photos during our week with Hannah.

First we gotta pack my food.
Then we gotta pick out just the right toys
We can't forget this one!
what else do we need?
let's be sure we got it all
I think that's everything, dad. You can close it up, now.
Hmmm, it seems like we're forgetting something..
oh well, it can't be that important. Dad is ready to get a move on!
Hey, wait for me!
 Just give me a little boost, dad.
Ok! Now we're finally ready to roll...
Yay! We finally arrive at the meeting place...
 Hi, Hannah!  How are you doin?
 Parkie is going to puppy camp with Ellie this week.
Addy will be puppy camping with Wendy! 
And I'll switch places with Hannah. Here we are before the switch.
 Here we are after the switch. Can you tell I'm excited?
 Oh, yeah! I'll be good Mrs. Carol, I promise.
 I just can't help myself! 
See ya later, mom and dad! Try not to miss me!
And have a good week with Hannah!
Greg and precious little Hannah

Note from Greg and Melissa:
Wow! Hannah is one cool cucumber!
We hope Carol can work her calming magic on Smokey this week!
We welcome you to check back for more stories about our upcoming week with Hannah!!

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Anonymous said...

This is sooooooooo cute! I love the pictures and the narrative is spectacular! Hannah looks like a sweetie. Love, Mom


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