Sunday, June 5, 2011

Puppy camp with Hannah

Introducing Hannah!
We picked up Hannah for puppy camp at 10:30am this morning in Houston.
Hannah's puppy raisers are Carol and Bob Rone, who are hosting Smokey in their home for puppy camp this week.
 Hannah quickly hopped in our car and was ready to go!
What a cutie she is!
 Our first stop was for lunch in Pearland.
Then a bit of shopping in Pearland Towne Square.
Walking alongside outside the shops, Hannah was drawn to a little girl inside -- who waved and kissed and tried to pet Hannah through the glass window. It was so cute to see them exchanging kisses through the window.
Her dad brought her outside so she could pet Hannah without hinderance.
 What a cute picture!
 We hit several stores while in the city..,
 And Hannah requested a stop at nearby PetsMart..
 I like to check out the toys.
Yum. Look at those ginormous bones!
Then it was time to settle down for a nap for the long drive down to Angleton.
The first thing to do is to check out my new surroundings.  
The back yard is big and roomy with lots and lots of trees.   
Then, I have to unpack.
There- that is just what I was looking for.
Now, I have to check out the house toys...are any of these up for grabs this week?
 And I need to check out my sleeping quarters. Hey, look what I found!
 Most importantly, I found out where the feeding station is located! 
Yumo - I was getting hungry!
 Note to self: Remember where the back door is....
 Yep, I think I could go for a Busy right about now!
 Now to just relax and get comfie...
 Yep, I found the best place in the house..
 Definitely the coolest part..
 It's 100 degrees today and the cold tile floor feels great.
 Think I'll dose off for a little while until time for an evening walk.
And pets are always welcomed!

We have a fun week planned for Hannah while she is here.
So check back again soon!

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