Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here comes the rain...and the stars..

We are having alot of fun with Hannah this week.
We were being lazy this morning and went outside on the back porch with our coffee to watch the weather - it looks like it might rain! We haven't had rain (except for one sprinkle shower last month) since February. Maybe Hannah will be our good luck charm to bring the rain..
 Watching and waiting...
 Hey-- do yall hear something?
 Is that thunder?
It sure smells like rain..
There you go! ....parched and thirsty ground...soak it in!!
We lost power with the brief rain storm, so we moved into the motor home to keep cool and to get showered and ready for the day. Ok, Hannah girl, crank up that generator!
Now, out goes the slide out room.
Hannah was pretty interested in the moving sofa and kitchen!
She was also quite intrigued with the puppy in the mirror on the wardrobe closet.
Now we're off to our afternoon bible study
Hannah was a big hit with the study group. She snuggled with a sweet little lady sitting next to us. Hannah spent the entire time sleeping on the lady's foot (hard to see in this picture). This lady was thrilled to receive Hannah's affection and everyone commented on how good Hannah was today!
Now it's time for an after dinner treat before heading out to watch the stars...
at the Brazosport Planetarium, housed in the Center for Arts and Sciences.
 Browsing the exhibits before the show starts..
Did you know that the NASA Astronauts train at this small planetarium to learn the location of the constellations that they will see in outer space? What do you think about that? I think that is pretty cool!
Here I am posing with a big shot scientist - but I don't think he was a local boy!
getting seated so the show can start..
(A benefit for being in small town venues like these is the exposure that the pups receive without being overwhelmed by crowds of people.)
Another interesting benefit of attending this show was the fact that the theatre was completely and utterly dark for about an hour. We could not see Hannah at all - even after our eyes adjusted to the darkness. We knew she was seated at our feet, and we could only reach down and touch her to feel her presence.
Hannah is very good to rest her head on our feet, and she snuggles close, which is very comforting. This experience made us realize the importance of knowing where your dog is at all times. Puppy raisers have been told to train the pups to touch the leg of the handler on a sit command, so the visually impaired person will be aware of the dog's whereabouts.  This experience reinforced the imporatance of this training.
After the show, we walked around the grounds of the Brazosport Museum of Natural Science
The museum was closed at this late hour, but they have some neat window displays.
Do you see what I see?  A 10,000 year old  mammoth leg bone, found in Brazoria County. 
Yum. I could use a "big ole" snack right about now!
As a special treat, we were invited to go backstage to watch a bit of the rehearsal of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", an upcoming musical at Brazosport Center Stages. This is a wonderful musical by Andrew Lord Webber and Tim Rice. The performers are sounding great!
Finally a brief stop at the Brazos mall and it was time to call it a day.

Ta Ta for Now!

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