Saturday, June 4, 2011

Practice makes perfect

I love to ride in the car - it's always a surprise to find out where we're going!
Uh...can someone please help me get outta here?
I'm learning, but I still need practice getting in and out of the car by myself.
Maybe with a few treats, I can do it!
Enclosed indoor stairwells are the practice field for today. The county courthouse annex is the perfect place. There are lots of fun people at this place, who love to meet and greet me when I practice here.
I'm not so sure I want to do this
okay, I know I can do it
Getting lots of praise!!!
Still going up? Maybe a few more treats, please?
Stopping to think it over - it's a long way back down to the bottom.
bribes - yummo!  Treats always help me... focus!
Almost there...
ok! We made it! So, are we done yet?
 We get to take a ride this time...hey, guys, are we going UP or DOWN?
No. Dad isn't strangling me. 
I'm learning the switch command - for doors that open right to left.
uh oh - do you see what I see?
....more stairs?!*
Alrighty we go again
After several trips up and down - it looks like we're all done
Posing on the pretty courthouse floor
So, guys, where are we off to next?

See yall again soon,
(Conquering stairs today....the world tomorrow)

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cnagle1 said...

This was really cute!! Pretty soon he will be flying up & down the stairs and you will, say "remember when??"


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