Saturday, August 6, 2011

Double trouble

Smokey and Parkie are litter mates, and are really enjoying spending time together. It is touching how sweet they are to each other.
 They snuggle all day long in between periods of intense play. They are never more than a few inches away from each other.
 We always find them cuddled up together, nose to nose, 
staring into each other eyes.. 
...whispering secrets to each other.
They are sweet to share toys and give each other plenty of respect at feeding time.
 We have our moments -- like sneaking dad's underwear out of the dirty clothes and competing for ownership.
 Tugging the Chuck It toy till it comes out of it's casing..
 But besides a few dirty looks, there is never a problem... 
as there are plenty of toys to go around.
 Guess that's why they call this
puppy love.

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Meagan said...

how sweet! they look like great siblings :)


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