Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Seein double double....Double Vision!

Smokey's litter mate, Parkie, is staying with us for a few days while her puppy raiser, Wendy, is out of town..
 They are exact duplicates...and are becoming fast friends.
 Can you tell which is Smokey and which is Parkie?
 They only slowed down from their playing when they heard their favorite word- "Eat"
 Both are obedient and smart...in an extended sit stay while chow is served up. Good pups!
 Anxiously waiting for the Take A Break command
 A few minutes of respite after eating...
Before resuming their play!

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Anonymous said...

So adorable, and fun to see the litter mate! I really enjoy the updates and seeing how fast Smoky is growing. Sandi M.


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