Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Get discovered at The Dairy Bar

We have a tradition when Molly and Mackenzie come to visit - a trip to the Dairy Bar in Lake Jackson for hamburgers and yummy ice cream.  The Dairy Bar has been around as long as I can remember - it's a home-town favorite that has been in business for over 50 yrs. They even have their own fan club on Facebook!

Smokey goes everywhere we go, so of course, he trotted happily with us into Dairy Bar like he does every place else. Almost immediately, one of the owners, Sherlyn Beauchamp, made a bee line over to our booth -- and we thought..".uh oh..we're going to get that line that we've heard in the past...;You can't have that dog in here' ".

But instead, we were greeted warmly and had a very nice chat with Sherlyn about Smokey and what he was going to be when he grows up. Sherlyn decided that the Lake Jackson Rotary Club needed to meet Smokey and learn more about Southeastern Guide Dogs and the puppy raiser program.  We were honored when she invited us to be the guest speakers at their June Rotary Club meeting.
The meetings are held at The WurstHaus german restaurant in downtown Lake Jackson. It has been totally remodeled and moved to a new location. Here, we are waiting to be seated.
 Smokey never gets nervous about making public appearances. Can you tell?
 We don't have many photos of the event, but Sherlyn snapped this one while we were making our presentation. We enjoyed the meeting and the warm welcome from the Rotary Club members. We answered lots of great questions about Smokey and the guide dog service. We appreciate the opportunity to bring awareness about this program to our community.

Just like the Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood, the Dairy Bar can pick out  a star... in this case... it's Smokey!  Thanks, Sherlyn!

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