Monday, August 1, 2011

Smokey goes GIRL CRAZY

Smokey has been having a busy summer!  It started with a visit from Molly and Mackenzie. It had been a while since they had seen Smokey and they were amazed at how big he had grown.
 We went on some outings while the girls were here visiting.
 The Sea Center Texas in Lake Jackson, TX.
The Texas Sea Center belongs to the Texas Parks and Wildlife system. It is a marine hatchery with exhibits and a salt water marsh preserve.
It features a nice aquarium and touch pool.
This is one of three marine hatcheries on the Texas gulf coast that produce red fish and trout. It has the capability or producing 15 million juvenile fish annually.
My! What big fish you have here!
Fish kissin.
aka Gordon, 320lb Queensland grouper
Kenzie was afraid of this big fish when she was a toddler. 
When Gordon died, the sea center preserved him for this photo op. 
RIP Gordon
Next, a visit to the Lake Jackson Historical Museum
 Smokey was well behaved while we toured our local museum.
 Kenzie and Molly tested out their flying skills in the flight simulator of
the Windecker Eagle. It was the first composite airplane made of Dow products (foam and fiberglass) to receive FAA certification...the forefather of stealth aircraft!
 All aboard!
Smokey and Greg got some practice on the staircase while the girls breezed through the exhibits.
 Along with catching an unexpected sighting of the ghost of Major Abner Jackson!
 Smokey frequents the library with us - today we stop in for some books and movies for the girls.
We played in the art studio - our own little Project Runway
Smokey helps Molly pick out fabric for a new blue jean purse.
 Now the fun part - designing!
Measure twice...cut once.. the golden rule of sewing...
Lending a hand at visualization.
The final design is critiqued by Smokey...Make It Work!
(you'd better watch out Tim Gunn!)
Working hard constructing the crown
Smokey doubles as our model!  What a man! He is our Sir Smokey, indeed.
The final reveal - our runway show!
including Kenzie's new book covers!
Our Lady GaGa...
(We are trying to raise Smokey to be as confident as possible....
even around things as scary as this mask. LOL )
Smokey is CRAZY about his girls!!  And so are we!
Love you Kenzie and Molls!!

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Anonymous said...

The girls are so cute and getting so big. I think they have your talent Melissa! Sandi M.


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